ALKA Institute

ALKA is an online education center devoted to the invigoration of meaning, truth, and sensemaking. At the ALKA Institute, we pull from multiple bodies of work, techniques for understanding, and capacity building techniques from a wide spread of educational journeys.

Currently, Nekyia, is the flagship course of the ALKA Institute. You can learn more about it here.
  • Creating a relationship to sensemaking and discovering truth, is just like building a relationship to anything - it takes time! And it is constantly shifting and adapting as we shift and adapt.
  • Developing introspective capacities is essential in engaging in the complexity of the world in meaningful ways.
  • Welcoming reality as it is, is the first step towards discovering new ways of relating.
  • Creating contexts where we can more clearly see our relational blindspots and strengths, supports us in developing deeper functionality in the world around us.

A few underlying principles we operate from

Who we are

Shelby Robbins


Shelby Robbins is a personal development coach in Boulder, Colorado and the founder of the Alka Institute and the Yugen Institute. Her mission is to support the flourishing of all life and the deep potential of the human being. As you transform through many selves and relax into more complex or whole ways of making meaning, she supports you in accessing an ecstatic aliveness in all the places you touch the world.

Shelby has trained in many frameworks and techniques including and not limited to… relational leadership and communication skills, developmental coaching, shadow work and integration, awareness and embodiment techniques, personality maps, systems thinking, and more… Her philosophy is rooted in over a decade of her own personal self-development and journey through several major life-upheavals. Her experience of both the empty and full aspects of life, support her and her clients towards the ever unfolding integration and expansion of ones awareness of our inherent wholeness.

When not supporting humans or running personal development programs, or taking trainings herself…. Shelby likes naps. And when not napping, taking walks, reading books and eating food with friends.

Travis Hinton


I am a facilitator and coach, self-educated Game~B, systems thinking, and Integral studies enthusiast, and authentic relating practitioner.

My greatest passions are self-realization and understanding, utilizing psychology and systems thinking to understand collective phenomena, helping others see beauty and order in the chaos of life, developmental psychology – I love the STAGES model - music and dance, and engaging more and more consciously with the ground of being / silence / emptiness / your preferred term.

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